Meet Renee

Meet Renee

Thank you for choosing to find out more about me.....
My journey began back in 2011.
It was at this point everything changed for me, my awakening happened literally over night, it was a lot to take in, so much happened in such a short space of time, I began to feel and channel divine light, heard messages and guidance not only for my own life but for others aswell.

So within a few days I was clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant and psychic, these gifts over the following few years became stronger and stronger where I am now a crystal clear channel and able to hear and speak with your higher self, guides, guardian angels, any ascended masters that are supporting you on your journey and ETs high vibrational light beings. 
I decided in 2013 that I would like to gain more insight and clarity so was reiki attuned 1 and 2 and began to practice healing on people. 

In my past life I was a high priestess for the goddess Isis, one of the white wise women, In this past life I used my souls high vibrational energy to work with magical healing miracles, creating beautiful talismans for protection and healing, I am now using this energy in this lifetime to help guide, protect and heal souls through the ascension process. 

Then in 2016 I was angelic reiki attuned to the Angelic Kingdom of light at the highest level, which is a beautiful and very gentle healing energy treat people with.
As I have practised my healing, more of my potential opened up and I now use many different and very beautiful healing modalities such as sound healing and singing, intuitive healing, quantum healing, tapping and goddess Isis oracle soul guidance and life coaching sessions.

The guidance and channelled messages that I give to others are beautiful, positive, uplifting and very loving, my job here is to support and guide you and help you to feel empowered in your heart and love centre. 

I help you to connect with your gifts and guide you lovingly towards feeling love for yourself and humanity. 

Please feel free to contact me for more details about healing or guidance sessions. 

love and blessings 

Renee x