Reviews From Clients

Reviews From Clients

I don’t really know what to say when it comes to explaining my experience with Renee. From the moment I sat down I felt at ease, I felt safe, at home and able to share all that I needed to release. I knew that I had come so far and from the moment I met Renee when buying a beautiful necklace from her stall in Bury one Saturday I was drawn to her intuitively knowing that she would be able to help me move past these final blocks. Renee is so full of love and light. I am so grateful for the experience she shared with me, receiving her gifts and her energy, giving me the push I needed to finally step into and fully embrace my own. The world we live in has so much to give and it is beautiful people like Renee who are put on this planet to spread the truth of the universe, to be there beside as we step through the open door that the universe offers us and give to us the messages which we may hear as whispers in our hearts but for one time, to really listen, just need to hear out loud

Renee is an amazing person. I have never felt so centred and grounded after a healing. It is her who helped me find my path. No words can justify what she does for people.
Edit: I had the isis heart opening and my goddess the difference. I see the world in more detail and the heat that radiates for the palms of my hands and my heart is amazing. So amazing and highly recommend! Xx

Renee’s soul purpose is to empower all to take control of their own energies, life experiences and to trust in greater good. Her wisdom is beyond her years, she can open your mind and your heart in a way no one else can. Grasp an opportunity to meet with her and experience it for yourself.

I was instantly connected to Renee when passing her beautiful crystal jewellery stall in Bury one Saturday and instantly felt the need to speak with her. Whilst talking with Renee, she explained about her beautiful talent and how she’s helped so many people. I was completely intrigued, as I myself have a very strong interest and love for spiritualism and light working. I came away from simply talking with Renee feeling uplifted and content and I knew I just had to get in touch and have an oracle and healing session with her. Upon visiting Renee, I was instantly put at ease and felt so calm after an awfully stressful day at work and very emotional weekend. Renee cleansed all negative attachments and began to work with her oracle reading. It was truly amazing! The amount of negative connections from friends and family was truly immense and I instantly felt a weight lifted off my shoulders! Whilst conducting my oracle reading, the cards I had chosen could not have been more accurate! With everything Renee had previously discussed with me appearing right in my reading! It was amazing! Renee then conducted some reiki which was just such a wonderful ending to my session. I left feeling calm, grounded and so so much more positive! It was truly magical and I would highly recommend Renee and her beautiful talents to anyone! Beautiful lady, beautiful soul xxx

Meditation - Thank you so much for creating a safe space full of light and healing energy. I felt both immensely grounded and peaceful after the meditation, in a way I hadn't felt for weeks. You gave so much of yourself to all of us and I am truly grateful. Namaste - Gabrielle

Healing and soul guidance - Beautiful soul. I can't thank you enough for your wonderful work today. During the clearing I could feel so much powerful white light coursing through me. There was a profound feeling of hope and comfort. Now, as I'm lying in my quiet house there is a lovely feeling of peace and tranquility. So appropriate to have spring cleaned the house and myself all at the same time! All three kids are so calm too. When we arrived home this evening we all sat quietly in different rooms just being. I feel so strongly about the work you do. You have a truly magical gift and are such a powerful and pure vessel for love and healing. Thank you for all you do. Love and gratitude. Marty xxx

The soul guidance and healing I receive from Renee is not only good for the body, it's good for the mind too. I started going in order to ease some pains from all over my body, from running. And within no time I could physically feel the benefits. Feeling her tackle areas, feeling shifting of pain, without her even touching your skin. It's magical! Renee is very good at pinpointing exact energy blockages and where they are, and what has caused them. From a bad headache, to a broken foot, she certainly should be your first port of call! - Ali

Healing and soul guidance - If your are thinking about having energy healing but aren't sure, I've found it to be the most wonderful experience. I've had a few sessions with Renee over the last couple of years and it has been just what I needed. I was apprehensive at first but as soon as I walked in the room all those feelings and thoughts left my head. She has helped me both physically but more importantly mentally. The way I would describe my time with Renee is heartfelt therapy. I talk and she listens and helps with her words of wisdom and healing hands I just relax and soak up the warm positive feeling that I get whenever I'm in her presence. Even when I've come away from a session I still cast my mind back to what she has said or made me think about and i put it in to practise in my everyday life. She has taught me little life lessons that help me through a busy day at work or juggling family life and time to myself...Whatever your beliefs know that her intentions are strong and true and extremely heartfelt this girl has a very big gift and lucky for me she is sharing it with the world....

Renee is an angel upon this earth working with Love, light and truth. Renee’s work with energy is like nothing else I have ever experienced she is an ancient soul working with her highest ancient wisdom and powers. 

The love and guidance that Renee has shared with me, my partner and our family of sisters has been unconditional and has touched my heart and soul so deeply. Through this time of transition Renee has helped me to see my powers which before I believed were my weaknesses by guiding me in the kindest possible way to have the strength to recognise exterior dark energies that are present upon our earth and day by day Renee is teaching and guiding me to combat the darkness with pure love and light. 

I have never received a gift so precious and powerful from any other being. Renee is my beloved sister and dearest friend and I will cherish this gift of love for all of eternity. 


Dear Renee I just wanted to you to know that your words are so helpful for me at the moment. Thank you for sharing your light and knowledge. I'm coming back to Ipswich in February as my life (work and living accommodation) in London was wearing me out and I was becoming very negative . I'm happy to be coming home. I don't know what I'll be doing but Im trusting my path. Thank you so much as your positivity and your gift of sharing is helping me more than you can imagine. I would also like to book a session with you when I'm back. Lots of love xxxx

Review from Vic -

I made an appointment to see Renee having visited her on her jewellery stand. When I learnt that she worked as a healer and spirit guide, amongst many other wonderful things, I really loved her warmth and knew she would be the ideal person to see, considering my circumstances at that time. 

I was struggling with severe anxiety, stress and depression at the time of my visit and was in need of some healing, a listening ear and some guidance. I spent over an hour with Renee whose knowledge and understanding, not to mention gift for healing and balancing, made me first of all feel safe, listened to and ‘normal’! 

Renee went through the cards that were chosen for me. She was so thorough and explained everything very clearly, which helped me to understand why I was in the situation I was. She also gave me the confidence to believe that the changes and decisions I had made had been the right ones.

Renee finished the session with some amazing healing, which worked wonders to clear my head and give me clarity.

I highly recommend Renee for whatever it is that you might need help with, whether it is guidance, healing or life coaching. She’s lovely and a star. 

To a beautiful Renee you have helped me so much I listen to what you say and the treatment you give is incredible, to come away feeling so relaxed and alive! The advice you give is breathtaking. I can not thank you enough to feel alive again you are an angel. Karen xxx

Thank you Renee for the healing time I spent with you. It was so needed at a time of change in my life. The ambience in your sacred space and the gentleness of your conversation made me come away feeling so much more confident and calmer. The most special moment of the energy clearing session for me was the magical vibration of the sound bowl with your beautiful singing. Keep doing what you do. You have a wonderful, intuitive gift  x

Thank you so much for the time you gave me today and for such a powerful, emotional and healing experience. This was the second time I have been in your presence and felt only love and peace. You have an amazing light which has made a huge impact on my health and wellbeing. Every one of your messages for me, have been exactly what I needed to hear, and have allowed me to heal with you. The connection that you offer is constant and I have felt your light from afar. It is such a wonderful comfort knowing that you are there and that you only have love and positive intentions. The strength I feel, and the crystal clear energy that I leave with holds me in a wonderful place. I have made massive shifts in my life and within my being, and I know that you have helped me rise out of my shadows and into the light. Today was an extraordinary experience where I felt a true connection with Mother Earth and the Divine. There are no words to describe the comfort of this and the true homecoming that I experienced. Thank you from every part of my soul for your beautiful practice. I will be coming to see you again as soon as I can. Love and Light xxx

"I had the wonderful pleasure of recently meeting Renee in a time during which i was spiritually transitioning from the shadows...this was no chance meeting and undoubtedly part of my pre-destined path.
My first one to one session with Renee was a truly enlightening experience, to be present in such a highly charged but beautifully calming environment is something that soothes the soul and energises the spirit immeasurably.
The cleansing and loving energies I received that day have had a marked effect on my life - where darkness lurked in the recesses of my being there is now a beautiful light, where negative thoughts and feelings once roamed indiscriminately there is now an abundance of positivity and love flowing through my mind, body and soul. 
Renee has an amazing gift and I'm so blessed to have been able to experience this first hand. Bless you Renee - you are incredible 

To  beautiful Renee you have helped me so much, I listen to what you say and the treatment you give is incredible, to come away feeling so relaxed and alive! The advice you give is breathtakingly true and filled with love. I can not thank you enough to feel alive again. You are an angel upon this earth. 

Myself and my 8 yr old daughter had healing sessions with Renee today. My hyperactive & often chaotic, child always benefits from time with Renee. She learns, as well as feels calmer. Thank you so much for our healing sessions this afternoon. First thing Emma said when we left was “I love going to Renee’s, you feel the magic happen!” I couldn’t put it better myself!

 Renee is the most amazing person. She is an angel. I had a session and came away feeling relaxed, contented & I actually felt love for myself. She cleared all the negative thoughts from my being. Thoughts I had and negative thoughts that other people were sending me. I have MS and I can say that I came away with less pain and sensations in my body. She is amazing. I can highly recommend her. Before this session I had not really thought about lightwork, soul guidance & energy healing but I will now be seeing Renee in the future

Lynne x

A really lovely review from a dear dear client <3 I totally respect this women and have enjoyed working with her, being able to see her full potential and helping and guiding her to also see herself crystal clear has been a blessing <3

I had a session with Renee recently. I had been going through a very difficult period which had lasted an extremely long time. Despite all of my best efforts, I had been unable to overcome certain energies, feelings and emotions that had been dragging me down and keeping me stuck.

Renee was able to help free me from whatever had been holding me back for so long. I felt a tangible change within our session and I can honestly say that I have felt clearer, calmer, more grounded, more connected and in ‘the flow’ ever since.

Renee is reassuringly down to earth but also very much connected to a higher source.

I would highly recommend going to see Renee and I am truly grateful for the difference she has made in me.

If you know anyone or would like to come for a powerful session of transformation, healing, alignment, coaching please get in contact <3