Heart Activation with Goddess Isis


Image of Heart Activation with Goddess Isis

In this beautiful channelled heart activation with the goddess Isis, I activate and your heart chakra to enable and empower you to channel your own divine gifts of healing. Every session is different for each soul as every soul is different and unique and what one soul has the ability to do another soul may not, you will be able to channel light and high vibrational healing energies to help others to heal and align their chakras to create a more harmonious and aligned energy through out the mind body and soul.
You will also receive a healing and chakra clearing from me and goddess isis amongst other light beings in this session, this is to make sure you are crystal clear and able to channel the light to the best of your ability.
This session works on a very deep and profound level activating your heart chakra which holds you hearts wisdom through all previous lives enabling you to access the wisdom of your heart to help yourself and others heal.

If you would like to book a session with me please feel free to contact me for more details